Name: Giorgio Mammoliti

Occupation: Retired

Previous political experience: Member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario (Yorkview, four-plus years), North York City Councillor (three years), Toronto City Councillor (20 years), member and chair of numerous committees.

Why have you decided to run? There is too much nepotism toward developers in Wasaga Beach. Town properties along Beach 1 are being practically given away in order to build condos for the elite. I will stop this. We also pay too much in property taxes, with not enough return on investment. Taxpayers deserve to be respected. I will implement a property tax rebate, and subsequently, a property tax freeze. Sadly, we have lost our town identity, which I intend on restoring.

How will you embrace and champion diversity in this role? Diversity must be celebrated, in all forms. Festivals and celebrations with a variety of themes will become commonplace in Wasaga Beach.

What are your top three issues? 1) Affordability. I will implement a property tax rebate, and subsequently, a property tax freeze; 2) No condos on Beach 1! Redevelop Main Street as downtown (theatre district), where condos belong; 3) Restoring our town identity.

If elected, what do you plan to champion in your first 100 days? I will conduct a forensic audit at town hall, which goes hand-in-hand with the property tax rebate that I will implement. I will stop the building of condominiums on town-owned property at Beach 1.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given, who gave it to you, and why does it stay with you? My father told me, “Your word is everything, stick to your word.” He added, “Don’t say anything you don’t mean.” This has stuck with me since childhood, as has everything my parents taught me.