Name: Brian Smith

Occupation: Businessman

Contact information:; 705-209-6787

Previous politician experience: Mayor of Wasaga Beach from December 2014 to December 2018

Why have you decided to run? The lack of respect and care for taxpayers and town staff. The current mayor and council have shown Wasaga Beach that transparent government, fiscal responsibility and treatment of others is not important, and that the future of our community and economic viability are not their strong points. Selling our beachfront land for half of what it is worth with no clear plan, yet on the other hand grossly overpaying for lands to build the arena/library. Selling off the business park at a fraction of its value and pushing important infrastructure projects off for years to fund irresponsible decisions.

How will you embrace and champion diversity in this role? I have shown in the past my ability to be a relationship builder, to work with others who will do the same in return. Work with other levels of government and obtain political buy-in for Wasaga Beach. We have a great plan that my council put together. We do not need to spend more money to know what we should do.

What are your top three issues? Redevelopment of our beach to a world-class destination similar to the Village at Blue with an open road for everyone to enjoy leading to our newly created downtown proper; reopen our walk-in medical clinic that the current council closed in spite; job creation and affordability for citizens.

If elected, what do you plan to champion in your first 100 days? An inquiry releasing all information as possible on the mistreatment of staff, and implementing a robust whistleblower policy. Open the books to the public to see what was spent on what, how and why. Examine the beachfront deal and work with that agreement to do the very best to get something great done for Wasaga Beach.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given, who gave it to you, and why does it stay with you? I have been given a lot of great advice that has stuck with me for life. Just because we do not agree does not mean we have to hate each other or go out of our way to be nasty. Treat everyone with respect and dignity, never let the negative bring you down and never ever give up. Hug the ones you love and be kind to one another. Life is short, we may not have all day. These words of advice stick with me because they are important to my fabric and who I am.