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October 2022 is election Month in Wasaga Beach. Online Voting started October 3 and runs 24 hours/day 7 days/week until 8:00 PM October 24. There are also four days to vote by paper ballot for those that prefer that method.


The Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association provides this website as a resource for all voters no matter who they support for office. Here you will find easy access to the names and contact information of all candidates and can watch video interviews with many of them. Catch up on news articles dealing with the major issues facing the citizens of Wasaga Beach and make sure you know where your preferred candidates stand on these matters.


As the Town of Wasaga Beach approaches its 50th Anniversary, we, its residents, property owners, and tenants will vote to decide who will lead us into the future and where they will take us. Be informed and be sure to vote.

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Major Issues

Does your candidate:


– support responsible management of taxpayers’ dollars by minimizing tax increases, eliminating wasteful expenditures, and maximizing the return on our taxpayer dollars with services and amenities that serve all taxpayers.

Beach Drive

–  support the re-opening of Beach Drive to maintain our unique heritage, assist with traffic flow, and allow open access for Emergency vehicles.

Beach Redevelopment

–  support redevelopment of the beachfront that will result in world-class public spaces and amenities attracting both tourists and residents to our beach and will have a positive and sustainable impact on our tourism industry.

Medical Walk-in Clinic

– support re-opening the medical walk-in clinic in our town to provide basic healthcare services that we need and deserve.

High School

– support the reinstatement of a High School task force and efforts to build a High School in Wasaga Beach before the projected 2030 date.

Public Engagement

– support access to public Town Council meetings that are open and inclusive of all residents and non-resident property owners.


– support progressive infrastructure, including sidewalks, that will accommodate our present needs and our future growth.

Ethical Management

– support policies and procedures covering workplace harassment issues and whistle-blowing that remove the fear of retaliation.

Economic Development

– support robust economic development and attracting new businesses.


– support efforts to obtain government grants that will minimize the tax burden placed on us for the added expense of the new arena and library.


– support a climate impact task force that will identify opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint.

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In The News

Beachfront Redevelopment

Wasaga Beach has reached an agreement to sell its beachfront properties, but many questions remain.


Alleged Sexual Harassment Cover-Up

An allegation from 2020 by a former municipal employee that she was harassed and mistreated by her boss has triggered accusations of a municipal cover-up, a Ministry of Labour investigation, and suggestions of political wrangling ahead of the October municipal election.

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